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Welcome to Oak House Kitchen

Here at Oak House Kitchen, you can learn all about specialised diets and how to integrate them into your lives, whether at home or at work. With a love of food and drink, and well over 25 years of experience in hospitality, healthcare catering and care service provision, we invite you to look at medical diets in a new way.

Working with clinical, governance, and patient service experts we have developed proven practical solutions from whole site and organisational implementation to technical know-how that works.

Oak House Kitchen is the best place to find the most up to date and innovative, practical information around.

Dysphagia Management and Foodservice Delivery

We have supported health and social care organisations striving to develop robust and quality dysphagia foodservice teams over many years. Our understanding of what is needed has led us to collaborate with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to develop clinically supported training in EDS dysphagia management and foodservice delivery. Anita Smith and Laura Jones and the team at the trust continue to support the training package to ensure it is always up to date and changes in guidance can be integrated for all our learners as they happen.

Dysphagia Management Solutions – We have developed eLearning courses that are aligned to the EDS at levels 1 to 3, covering the needs of all staff involved in dysphagia management across health and social care services. Advocated by clinical services across the UK at NHS Trusts and private care providers. With 1000’s of learners nationally, this training is proven to be accessible to staff and provides the outcomes heath and social care providers’ demand.

Dysphagia Foodservice Solutions – Providing food and drink for dysphagia diets, suitable for the IDDSI Framework, is an integral and important part of EDS implementation. A robust management strategy is ineffective if the food and drink provision does not consistently meet clinical recommendations. Our ORAL approach to catering for dysphagia diets makes it easy to understand how to provide a varied and high-quality service that meets the IDDSI Framework, covering cultural requirements, allergen requirements and plant-based choices.

Implement with the Site EDS Training bundle – We understand the needs of care providers when trying to ensure a well-trained team is always available to provide the best quality care possible. This is why we have developed the Site EDS Training Bundle allowing all team members requiring EDS training access to ALL our courses, while allowing the integration of new starters too, with no extra cost. Be in control of your team’s training needs in one validated solution.

Whatever your needs, we can show you how to make mealtimes safe, delicious, nutritious, and memorable.

Follow the links on our homepage to find out:

  • Implementing the Site EDS Training Bundle – How easy it is it implement our EDS and IDDSI training to cover all your site and organisational needs
  • EDS Training and Validation and Feedback – Evidence and validation of our training resources to demonstrate its effectiveness
  • View Site EDS Training Bundle Catalogue – Find out all the details you need to understand why you need this package
  • Regulatory Compliance and Guidance for Dysphagia Management – Find out what you need to know about the regulations and guidance around dysphagia management
  • Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework – Understand the clinical recommendations that support you to implement a robust service
  • IDDSI – Understand why IDDSI is required for EDS implementation and its global role in improving safety for people with dysphagia