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At Home

During daily life at home it can be easy to take the simple things we do for granted. Getting dressed, washing, cleaning, eating and drinking are usually easy routines. The simplicity and ease at which we can perform these tasks masks their crucial role in our lives.

When something changes

Any changes affecting eating and drinking can quickly become a problem. We need appropriate levels of food and drink on a daily basis to nourish us and maintain our health. If this is interrupted, even in the short term, we can experience effects which could impact our well being.

It may be that a problem will settle down over a few days or need medical attention. In either case, a change of approach will help to sustain long term health or keep us going until things return to normal. Whatever may have happened to you or those you might care for, eating and drinking can, and should, remain an enjoyable and nourishing experience.

Our approach is deeply rooted in a love of food and drink and the well being it can bring. Simple modifications can make a huge difference, without turning mealtimes into a laborious or difficult process.

You can find recipes and advice, supported by our experience, to make preparation easy.  We understand that not everyone enjoys cooking; that is why we have a broad approach to the changes you might need. We look at suitable alternatives and set out ways to embrace any modifications needed, large or small.

If you are experiencing any difficulties personally, or supporting someone who is, it can be worrying and difficult to find a solution. Seek medical advice.

Oak House Kitchen can provide you with the information and support you need to continue to enjoy your relationship with food and drink.