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Exciting Growth and Collaborations at Oak House Kitchen

20 Aug 2019

It’s an exciting time at Oak House Kitchen at the moment, not only have we expanded our team with the addition of Oli Smith, a very creative and talented chef but we have also made exciting developments in our work with HB Ingredients and their Development Chef, Sam Rain. There really are some exciting collaborations at Oak House Kitchen.

First things first, meet Oli.

Growing our team

Oliver began his career cooking in hotels and chalets abroad taking a passion towards the craft of pastry. Returning to the UK Oliver moved into the healthcare industry and began to use his skillset to improve the offering and ethos at his facilities.  He won Care chef of the year 2015 and helped achieve Care home of the year for one of his homes in 2018.  Oliver developed and changed the way dysphagia meals were created and presented in his homes and now continues to teach others on how to do this in their own settings.

“I’ve always loved teaching people, helping those looking for answers to their questions, and showing people tips and tricks and sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing”


HB Ingredients and Sosa

For the past two years we have been working extensively with Sam Rain at HB Ingredients, working together using Sosa to bring new methods and products into the healthcare sector to help provide speed and consistency.

Having worked closely with Sam and the Sosa products we have seen first-hand how great they are and the benefits they provide for chefs, not just in the healthcare sector but all chefs.

So, I am delighted to say that after two years we have taken our partnership one step further and HB Ingredients have enlisted the help of the Oak House Kitchen Chefs for Sosa demonstrations to help meet the demand from chefs to learn about the benefits of Sosa.

Sosa are a leading manufacturer of ingredients for gastronomy and pastry, their products are developed according to four pillars of modern gastronomy: more flavour, less sugar, less fat and contrast of textures. What’s great about Sosa is that their range provides speed and consistency to chefs; their products also cater for all dietary requirements including vegan and gluten free.

Sosa Workshop

Every day’s a school day as they say and although we have been working with Sosa and Sam for a couple of years and know some of the products, last month James, Oli and I spent a great two days down in Lewes with Sam getting an in-depth understanding of the Sosa range.

During the training we looked at various sweet and savoury recipes incorporating a vast selection of the Sosa range that combine to provide speed and consistency for kitchens whilst also delivering maximum flavour for diners.

During the two days we looked at some exciting products and recipes…

We made a delicious mushroom panna cotta, using Pro-pannacotta an alternative to gelatine, this vegan friendly seaweed based gelling agent sets from 45 degrees, and gives a very delicate soft set keeping that wobble.

Chicken Caesar Salad, this was a really fun one, we kept all the flavours of a traditional dish but completely changed the textures. Needless to say it was well and truly ‘Sosarised’.

During the afternoon we got hands on at chocolate tempering and some quick and effective garnishes using Sosa products and a range of different chocolates.

We all learned so much from Sam we can’t wait to get started on this exciting collaboration!