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Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI

2 Sep 2019

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that we have now run the fist ‘Pop-Up’ Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI for creating food for dysphagia diets using the IDDSI Framework. We have now released a number of venues and dates around the UK so that you can book a place for you or your team members!

On August 15th we welcomed our first group of chefs and managers to Thornden School in Eastleigh, Hampshire – and by all accounts it was a great success!

First of its Kind

The course has been created using our extensive experience in the sector. We have been involved in the education and  development of healthcare catering for many years now and we are very proud of the work we have done. We have supported large organisations, associations, councils, training boards and so forth in delivering tailored programs to fit client needs.

This is the first course that Oak House Kitchen has run solely for the creation of food for dysphagia. To teach the processes and techniques needed to create food for dysphagia diets. For this reason it is the most superior course we have run.

Understanding IDDSI

Our work with IDDSI has been invaluable in developing our understanding of the IDDSI Framework. It has highlighted the textural characteristics needed for the IDDSI Levels for foods. It has been a long journey leaving behind outdated impressions of food textures that were acceptable in the past.

IDDSI have been very supportive of us and our work. We showcased our work on webinars and live at the UK Congress and Festival in London in February this year. It has been through their enthusiasm for our work that we decided to pass on our knowledge of creating food that fit the IDDSI Framework.

With this in mind we have focused our attention on creating a course that shows learners HOW. How to make foods that fit the IDDSI Framework.

Our Course Makes it Simple

We have now developed methods that really do create delicious foods and pass the IDDSI Testing Methods outlined by IDDSI.

Our approach has meant that we have analysed vast numbers of ingredients and food items across a wide range of food types. We have studied fruits, vegetables, meats and starchy carbohydrates and many combinations of foods. This work allowed us to highlight a method that can be used to take any food item, whether raw ingredients of finished dishes, and know how best to process them and make them suitable for the IDDSI Testing Methods.

By learning this simple methodology you will be empowered to create foods for dysphagia diets in any setting, whether at home, in a care setting or even in a manufacturing environment.

Practical Course  – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI

  • Learn why IDDSI and standardised terminology is important
  • See the IDDSI Levels for food up close and use the IDDSI Testing Methods
  • Learn how to assess the textural characteristics of foods in order to choose appropriate processing methods
  • Learn the processing skills needed for all the IDDSI Levels for food
  • Work with food items that pose problems for IDDSI and learn how to overcome these challenges
  • Know how to audit food items for IDDSI and quality
  • Be able to apply this knowledge across all mealtimes in order to improve choice and variety for dysphagia diets

If you want to learn HOW to create food suitable for IDDSI you can now book onto a number of courses around the UK in October 2019.

Venues and Dates:

  • Greenock – West College Scotland – Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October
  • Nottingham – Nottingham College – Wednesday 23rd October
  • Cambridge – Cambridge Regional College – Friday 25th October
  • Cardiff (Nawtgarw)  – Coleg y Cymoedd  – Thursday 31st October

For more details click the link Our Courses and see how you can book you or your team onto a course and start improving the food you serve to people with dysphagia.