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Martin Jenkins – A relationship we are delighted to continue

27 Jul 2021

Martin JenkinsWe are delighted to have been given the opportunity to have Martin Jenkins join our very close team here at Oak House Kitchen. We have known, and worked with, Martin for many years, through the consultancy work we provide for Nutricia. We forged a close relationship, as you do, when delivering live events for hundreds of people with high expectations! Fortunately, we developed a close working relationship which ensured every event was a great success.

The importance of building great relationships

Relationships are so very important to us at Oak House Kitchen. The development of strong relationships, across the wider health and social care sector, has allowed us to better understand the needs of others so that we can design innovative methods that are effective and work.

From our early days in healthcare catering, it has been clear that the best nutritional care was only achievable by developing strong, close relationships with residents and patients: to understand their needs and deliver more than just a foodservice.

Strong relationships are crucial within care teams so that everyone understands what is needed and care can be delivered without errors, omissions or mistakes. This is no easy task and requires work, intelligence, sensitivity and compassion to build and maintain relationships that benefit everyone.

Martin has a wonderful track record

Fortunately, Martin has these qualities in spades and is clear to see with the other great relationships he has developed with NHS Boards, Trusts, clinicians, care providers, managers and colleagues.

Martin joins us to continue to build strong relationships in the health and social care sector, however most importantly, to develop relationships with providers of care to ensure they get the best possible support from us that we can give.

Martin has a great depth of experience in the health and social care sector, working in the area of dysphagia and nutrition since 2001. The work he has done with companies such as Nutricia, Nestle and Nualtra has led to strong growth due to his ability to find out and provide the core requirements of care providers.

It is testament to Martin that those relationships he has built over the years remain strong and the delight people showed when they heard he was to continue in the area of dysphagia with us at Oak House Kitchen!

To give you more of an insight we asked Martin a few questions…

With over 20 years’ experience working in the area of dysphagia how would you describe what motivates you to continue with the energy that you have?

From the start of my career within nutrition and dysphagia my motivation has been patient centred and working with health professionals that have the expertise and commitment to make a difference to the people that matter. Having an understanding of the needs of both patients and professionals I am able to build upon relationships, working with them to provide the best possible care and the quality of life the patient deserves. My passion within the industry continues to grow as we discover new and innovative developments, and I am also enthused by the way that health professionals, carers and relatives embrace the challenges and welcome the education that we can provide to assist in their caring role.

How do you feel about working with Preston and James at Oak House Kitchen?

Having worked alongside both Preston and James for many years they have impressed me with their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm within the field of nutrition and dysphagia.  Having the ability to engage and educate on all levels, they have shown great compassion, provided a first-class service and gained the respect of many of the leading companies and care providers within the field. Together we have built up a strong working relationship that continues to grow from strength to strength giving me the confidence to recommend and endorse the services provided by Oak House Kitchen.

How are you finding working with care providers now you are at Oak House Kitchen?

Being an advocate for Oak House Kitchen has enabled me to reconnect with old contacts as well as establishing a good rapport with a new client base. Promoting the work of Oak House Kitchen has been received with enthusiasm and positivity and I am certain there are many more avenues to explore. Being confident to endorse a service that is much needed within the care sector is just one of the reasons that I am enjoying my role within the company.

Thoughts for the future?

I hope to continue working alongside Preston and James as the company continues to expand. I am enjoying being part of a successful team and look forward to networking and promoting the services to the wider community. I will continue to do my best to further develop services and look forward to engage and build stronger relationships with health professionals, carers and patients.

Have a chat with Martin

Contact Martin at martin.jenkins@oakhouse-kitchen.com if you want to chat through your business needs or ideas on how we can help you to develop your teams in:

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