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Online Dysphagia Catering Courses

20 Jul 2020

Practical Dysphagia Catering Course Now Online!

Oak House Kitchen have many years experience working first hand in care catering settings and training chefs, caterers and carers in healthcare hospitality. As a result we have developed innovative and practical methods to improve meals for residents with dysphagia that work and can be used widely in many different environments. This is why we bring our online dysphagia catering courses direct to your computer, tablet or phone.

Our systematic approach to catering for dysphagia, ORAL, simplifies your approach to making any ingredient suitable for dysphagia diets using IDDSI. Our technical know-how gives you the ability to do so consistently, we have gone back to basics to develop principles and techniques that you can use in any setting.

Our online courses to give you a detailed understanding of ORAL:

  • Observe
  • Reform
  • Audit
  • Label

The courses show you how to apply it to the preparation of meals for dysphagia so that they fit the IDDSI Framework.

Not only are all our online catering courses great if you want to improve your knowledge and skills they can also be used to ensure your teams have a detailed base knowledge so that you can have the confidence that your dysphagia foodservice is safe and nutritious.

Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course

Our highly recommended practical course has been updated and brought online so you can complete the course in your home or work kitchen.

The course blends a series of detailed and informative videos with interactive features that supports learning, improves understanding and allows you to apply new skills.

The Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course features:

5 Hours of interactive online learning over four parts:
—Swallowing and Dysphagia
—IDDSI Explained
—ORAL – Observe, Reform, Audit and Label
—Practical Cooking – Demonstrations and ‘Follow Along’
Includes 2 hours of video presentations and demonstrations
Course Workbook and downloadable resources

Course assessment and downloadable attainment certificate
Use our LMS or upload to your system from 1 year licences
Learn at your own pace on computer, tablet or smartphone
Train your teams and manage skills continuity


Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI – Online – Overview

Introduction to dysphagia

  • Prevalence
  • Causes
  • Consequences

Understanding dysphagia

  • Drinking and eating normally
  • Drinking challenges
  • Eating challenges

Describing food textures and IDDSI

  • Difficulties describing food textures
  • RCSLT and BDA endorsement of IDDSI – Drink and Food recommendations

Safe management of food production for dysphagia

  • ORAL processes
    • Observe
    • Reform
    • Audit
    • Label
  • ORAL and the IDDSI Levels

Practical demonstration and modification Demonstrations

  • IDDSI Levels 7-3 – Peaches
  • IDDSI Level 6 – Salmon salad
  • IDDSI Level 5 – Chilli-con-carne
  • IDDSI Level 4 – Chicken and mushroom pasta


Catering for Dysphagia – Live Online Seminars

We are also able to offer businesses ‘Live’ support and feedback seminars to review and assess the practical results of the online course.

James or Preston will lead the course and take learners through their results to develop further understanding and develop confidence. All learners are engaged throughout the seminar with interaction and Q&A opportunities.

A blend of presentations, videos and discussions are used to make the feedback come to life and support learning.

Book a Live Tour of the Courses

For larger scale implementation of Online Catering Courses you can book a live tour with Preston or James. This will give you a greater insight into:

  • The content of each of the courses
  • The navigation and functionality of the courses and our system
  • Management functions and completion tracking
  • Understand how the courses can be used within a training strategy
  • Direct access to Preston or James to discuss your needs

To find out how our courses can be used to support your business development book a ‘Live Tour’ click HERE