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Practical and Online Dysphagia Courses

17 Jan 2020

Join the hundreds of people who have now benefited from our practical and online dysphagia courses!

We have been very busy over the past two years developing and delivering courses that meet the needs of people making, serving and managing the food and drink service for dysphagia diets.


In 2018 we were asked, by IDDSI, to find ways of making problematic foods fit the IDDSI Framework. Our early research and solutions can be seen in a video we produced for an IDDSI webinar series that was streamed globally back in early 2019 – “Myths and Truths about Modifying Foods for IDDSI Levels”

At Oak House Kitchen we have continued this work with an aim to make the creation of food for dysphagia diets as simple and clear as possible.

This has led to the development of ORAL – A systematic approach to looking at ALL foods in order to deliver maximum choice, availability and balance despite the need for texture modification.


We now run a number of courses that fit the demands of the health and social care sector. From fundamental practical training through to setting up and managing dysphagia food safety systems.

All of the courses we have undertaken have received excellent feedback from the trainees that have attended our training and the commissioning directors from organisations that demand the skills.

To date we have taken our ORAL courses all over the UK and further! Our current model brings the courses directly to your region by using local colleges and training centres – making it easy to participate!

Our Practical and Online Dysphagia Courses

We can now offer courses that meet the demands at all levels of dysphagia food service – From cookery skills to systems management:


Role specific modules for the UK Inter-professional Dysphagia Framework

Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI

One day practical course on the fundamentals of catering for dysphagia. A must course for anyone involved with food modification for dysphagia diets.

Practical Course – IDDSI Competency with ORAL

Two day practical course showing learners how to use ORAL when making food for dysphagia diets with a competency assessment. An essential course for anyone managing the practical delivery of a dysphagia food service.

ORAL – Dysphagia Food Safety Management System

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Accessing Our Practical and Online Dysphagia Courses

There are a number of ways in which you can access our courses

Contact us directly – Make enquiries by phone or email.

Register interest – Let us know the course or courses you are interested in and where you want them. We will then look to bring our course directly to your region.

Book onto a current course – Login or register to book onto a course that is already available.