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Practical Course Booking – FAQ’s

11 Sep 2019

Do I need a PayPal account to book a course?

You do not need a PayPal account to pay for any course on the Learning Suite. Click the PayPal icon and you can either pay using a PayPal account or enter debit/credit card details. The system is safe and secure and booking only takes a few moments.

Who is the Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI for?

The Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI is for anyone who is involved with making foods for people with dysphagia using the IDDSI Framework. It is the perfect course for people at home or in healthcare catering environments.

Do I have to be able to cook to attend the course?

You do not need to be a good cook to attend this course. The practical aspects of the course are for safely changing the textures of foods for the IDDSI Framework not how to cook food. We provide all the food that is used on the day, pre-cooked and ready for transforming into dysphagia meals.

How much is the Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI?

The course is on offer at the moment at £200.

What do I get for the course price?

Included in the price of the course is a full day in the kitchen with expert chefs from Oak House Kitchen, access to our online eLearning resource on catering for dysphagia, course notes and manual to support the course and other resources for a whole year.

How do I book myself onto a course?

  • Just create an account with us by following the links on our website www.oakhouse-kitchen.com
  • Find the region you want to book a course in (e.g. Scotland Courses – Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI) and book a course
  • Sign Up to the available courses in your region, click the T&C’s and you’re booked

How do I book my team members onto the course?

  • Create an account
  • Find the region you want to book places in and book the number of spaces you want
  • You will then be issued with the course licences for your team members

Once your team members have set up personal accounts you can send the licence codes directly to them for them to redeem on the site. They can then Sign Up to the course of their choice

Can  I book someone else onto a course?

If you want to book one other person onto a course you must do so whilst in their account.  You should create an account for them first using their name and email and then book the course you would like them to attend whilst logged in as them.

Once I’ve booked am I guaranteed a place?

Of course you are now guaranteed a place on a course, however to confirm the actual course you will be attending you must Sign Up to the course you want to go to. There may be a number of courses on offer in your region, however spaces are limited. By Signing Up to the course you want to attend you are then guaranteed the place or places you want.

What should I do if I get stuck?

Ring our support team on 0845 074 4114

or email info@oakhouse-kitchen.com