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Nutrition and Hydration – Support Patients Recovering from COVID-19

1 Apr 2020

We were contacted by a great friend and colleague, Helen Simpson, to help support with simple and practical advice concerning nutrition and hydration considerations for patients recovering from COVID-19.

Helen is a Dietitian – Enhanced Care Home Support Team (North Hampshire CCG and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership of Clinical Commissioning) and she saw a great need for a simple tool that can be easily available to care homes that will offer simple and practical advice. We are pleased that we could support Helen in producing a simple poster that covers a number of points that will help care homes support patients recovering from COVID-19.

Simple Advice to Support Patients Recovering from COVID-19

The advice in the poster forms the basis for any strategy to support recovery from illness. This poster is designed to support residents and patients recovering from COVID-19. However it can be used effectively when supporting nutrition and hydration needs for anyone recovering from illness.

Key Messages to Support Patients Recovering from COVID-19

Acute illness over the time frames experienced with COVID-19 will have an adverse affect on food and drink consumption. Energy and other vital resources will be used up in fighting the infection. This can lead to lower reserves over time.

It may be difficult to maintain the body’s essential reserves when patients are unable to eat and drink as normal. It is important that we are prepared for the time when food and drink acceptance starts to return. This way we are ready to make every mouthful count!

Free Downloadable Poster to Support Patients Recovering from COVID-19

You can download the poster here and use it to give direction to people supporting residents and patients recovering from COVID-19

Download the poster in full:

COVID-19 Nutrition Advice

f you have any type of food allergy or other concerns please consult with a doctor before following the guidance on the poster.