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We have a range of dysphagia courses suited to your needs. Whether you want to learn online from your computer or tablet, or you want to gets hands on to learn how to make foods in a practical environment we have the course for you!

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Our online training and eLearning suite brings you the know-how we have direct to your computer, tablet or phone. Whenever you want it and wherever you are.

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Dysphagia courses

Right now we have certificated eLearning modules for the safe management of dysphagia. We know that managing dysphagia requires a team approach. This is why we have developed universal training that gives detailed underpinning knowledge on how to manage dysphagia safely and role specific courses which brings life to the practical knowledge we have developed.

eLearning courses

  • Understanding Dysphagia – This course will give you in-depth knowledge of dysphagia, IDDSI and the overall management of the condition. This course is a real must for anybody involved in the safe management of individuals with dysphagia.
  • Catering Course on Dysphagia – This course is designed to give anyone catering for individuals with dysphagia the knowledge required to deliver safe and nutritious modified diets to IDDSI requirements.
  • Carer Course on Dysphagia – This course is designed to give anyone caring for individuals with dysphagia all of the knowledge, skills and understanding of IDDSI required to meet their needs safely.

Interactive features, videos and pictures makes learning easy and enjoyable. Importantly the courses have a final test and certificate so you can demonstrate you knowledge.

All of our courses are £20 giving you great value for the detail they give. Bundles of courses are also available at a discounted price.

Learners have access to their accounts for a whole year. This means you can refresh your knowledge at any time, using the course as an online manual.

Practical dysphagia course from Oak House Kitchen

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The Oak House Kitchen Practical Course – Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI gives participants the knowledge and skills to make a wide variety of foods suitable for dysphagia diets using the IDDSI Framework.


  • Understand how muscular and cognitive decline can affect swallowing
  • Understand how this can increase the risk of aspiration, choking, malnutrition and dehydration
  • Understand how to approach texture modification using our simple systematic process
  • Know the characteristics of food suitable for the IDDSI Framework
  • Know how to observe foods and assess their textural characteristics in order to choose the best methods available to make them suitable for the IDDSI Framework
  • Understand the ways in which foods can be reformed
  • Understand the reforming techniques that can be used in the process
  • Understand how the process can be applied to different food groups, ingredients, dishes and products in order to increase choice throughout the day
  • Know how to use the IDDSI Testing Methods for food to audit foods for the IDDSI Framework
  • Understand the quality audit needed to ensure food suitable for dysphagia diets is appetising and promotes motivation to eat

These learning outcomes are achieved through a series of workshops that will develop the learners understanding and skills needed to make foods suitable for dysphagia diets. Each workshop will comprise of a presentation and/or demonstration, practical activity and review.

Price £275

Terms and conditions apply.

Our courses are being run in the following regions:

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Midlands
  • South

Book the course for the region you want then enrol at the venue that suits you best.

Future education from Oak House Kitchen

We have developed courses to suit all needs within the sector. Look out for new courses that we are adding to our catalogue:

  • Dysphagia Diets with IDDSI – Two Day Competency Course
  • Dysphagia Diets at Home
  • How to Implement Dysphagia Diets in a Care Settings

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