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Our Courses and Systems

At Oak House Kitchen we have developed dysphagia courses that deliver the knowledge and skills required to safely manage individuals with dysphagia and to deliver a dysphagia foodservice.

Dysphagia Management

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) has set out the knowledge and skill competencies for all stakeholders involved in the management of people with dysphagia. These competencies are set out in the ‘Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework‘ (EDSCF).

We continue to work with Consultant Speech and Language Therapist, Professional Lead,  Anita Smith and her team at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust to develop comprehensive eLearning courses for Levels 1 to 4 of this framework. This clinical expertise ensures your confidence that our courses cover all the required knowledge competencies set out in the framework.

Level 1 – Public Health Messages, Awareness

Level 2 – Care Plan Implementation

Level 3 – Identification and Implementation of an Interim Eating and Drinking Plan

Level 4 – Protocol-Guided assessment and Management

For to view a free preview module visit our Learning Suite by clicking HERE

Catering for Dysphagia

We worked closely with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) during the consultation and implementation of the IDDSI Framework in the UK to understand requirements of the IDDSI Framework to develop methods to make foods suitable for dysphagia diets. We are proud to continue this support IDDSI with resources, used globally, to demonstrate these food textures and how the IDDSI Testing Methods are applied.

The experience and knowledge we have gained has been directed at developing a simple approach to making foods for dysphagia diets that can be used at home, in health care settings or by manufacturers. Our methods are not limited by rigid directions but are based on principles that can be tailored to any setting.

We have successfully trained many caterers, clinicians and managers in our methods and ‘huge improvements’ have been seen as a result. Our catering training includes:

  • Practical Training – Kitchen based training for understanding catering methods for dysphagia diets and competency assessment. A great course for individuals looking to learn how to make foods suitable for dysphagia diets or for catering teams and organisations requiring skills that meet the requirements of clinical recommendations.
  • Live Online Training – Web based training on the principles and practicalities of delivering food and drinks that meet clinical recommendations for patients with dysphagia. This unique 3.5 hour course is detailed, allows direct interaction and develops the ability to implement a safe dysphagia foodservice.
  • Online Practical Course – We have brought our kitchen based course online. Combining video demonstrations and presentations with interactive sections to develop learning and practical application you can access our experience in your own time, at work or at home.

All courses are certificated and have assessments so that you can be confident that a high level of understanding has been achieved.

Dysphagia Foodservice Safety Management Systems

We know the value of training and the confidence that comes from knowing that people have the skills to consistently deliver to the exacting standards set out in the IDDSI Framework and used in clinical recommendations for dysphagia diets.

However, when this expertise is part of a managed system that allows us to clearly monitor its effectiveness and be able to make improvements where required it is not just confidence we have, it is knowledge that the service is safe and this can be demonstrated to regulatory bodies.

This is why we have developed a systematic approach to dysphagia foodservice delivery that ensures all stakeholders in the process are considered and that the process of managing this complex system is as simple and usable as possible