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Welcome to Our Recipes for Dysphagia Hub!

This hub is a space for you to come back to for inspiration, ideas and solutions to improve choice and quality for dysphagia diets. Browse the IDDSI Level folders to find delicious and inspiring recipes for dysphagia food and drink options. Recipes for dysphagia can be found alongside informative articles on ingredients, equipment and methods that will help you better understand how you can easily help and support people with dysphagia.

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Browse Recipes for Dysphagia and Much More…

To find our informative recipes for dysphagia click the relevant IDDSI Level heading on the right of this page. Each folder contains a wealth of information that will help you create and prepare delicious options for dysphagia diets.

If you are looking for any specific ingredients, methods, equipment of ideas type your keywords into the search bar at the top of the page.

Our Innovative Approach

Oak House Kitchen has years of experience in this area and has done extensive research and developments in the kitchen and lab to simplify the approach to creating food and drinks for dysphagia diets. This has led to the creation of ORAL – A systematic method which allows you to easily identify unwanted textures and ensure that results are correct.

Use ORAL to Create Recipes for Dysphagia

ORAL has been widely supported and endorsed as an approach to food and drink texture modification and we have seen phenomenal results for cooks and catering teams across hospital, care home and domestic settings.

We have clearly seen where ORAL principles have been used across these settings results have led to improved choice, quality, safety and cost.

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To learn more, start learning or implement our industry leading courses in your setting follow the training link or contact us directly.

Dysphagia Recipe of the Month

From Spring 2021 we will be sharing a ‘DYSPHAGIA RECIPE OF THE MONTH’ that combines our ORAL approach with standard recipe methods. These recipes will give you inspiration and ideas to follow or create your own dishes and drinks that meet the requirements of the IDDSI Framework.

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