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Browse our online cookbook for techniques and recipes for dysphagia diets that are delicious and simple to make.

Recipes for dysphagia

We understand the importance of the textural characteristics needed to make food safer to eat and swallow. Our recipes for dysphagia give you the key to making food suitable for the IDDSI Framework. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the flavour or visual appeal that we want from our food.

Our recipes for dysphagia bring you delicious dishes that could be suitable for anyone because we know this is what people want! Whether an adaptation of a ‘classic’ or well known dish; or a delicious combination of ingredients that fit the IDDSI Framework – find out how to bring variety and pleasure to the people who need it most.

Finally, we will regularly add to this online cookbook to give you a body of dishes to use or adapt. Feel free to send any suggestions to us at info@oakhouse-kitchen.com

Our recipes can be adapted to all the IDDSI Levels for food  – You can improve your knowledge on how to do this by taking our online eLearning course on catering for dysphagia diets. To find this course click HERE.