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IDDSI Level 5 Food (MM5)

IDDSI Level 5 Food (MM5)

The requirements of the IDDSI Audit Sheet for IDDSI Level 5 – Minced and Moist food means that the texture must have tiny tender pieces of food that are moist and cohesive without being sticky (see IDDSI Texting Methods). However, recipes for IDDSI Level 5 food can be delicious and offer great variety.

Any regular dish or food item can be reformed to meet the requirements of this IDDSI Level and this section is designed to give you recipes for IDDSI Level 5 food that will inspire you to create delicious items without restriction.

To find out more about swallowing difficulties CLICK HERE and you will find in-depth information on IDDSI; food and drinks for dysphagia diets; and hints, tips and resources.

Recipes for IDDSI Level 5 Food

Simple soups, such as our featured recipe, are great examples of recipes for IDDSI Level 5 food options. However, we shouldn’t be restricted to soup recipes… simple reform processes can be applied to ingredients that will allow you to make a host of items from curries, kebabs to classic dishes like chicken Kiev and apple pie.


ORAL Approach

We have developed an approach to making dysphagia diets that is both systematic and simple. ORAL is being used across heath and social care setting in the UK and is ensuring there is better choice and higher quality menus available for patients and residents with dysphagia.

To find how you can learn to use the ORAL approach CLICK HERE for online courses.