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ORAL: Dysphagia Foodservice Production Systems

We know that training alone does not provide ongoing assurance that every plate of food served to patients and residents with dysphagia can be and is made to the requirements set out in clinical recommendations. This is why we have developed the ORAL: Dysphagia Foodservice Production System to allow a simple yet robust system to be implemented. Building on our fundamental ORAL training, you can now register interest for courses in your region and take your health and social care catering provision to the level it needs to be.

Our ORAL approach, simplifying catering for dysphagia diets, is proving in health and social care settings:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased choice and quality
  • Reduced time and costs 

Why the need for the ORAL system?

Catering for people with dysphagia is a serious issue of safeguarding that is widely known and understood to be a day-to-day service need in the health and social care sector. It is sadly brought to our attention, far too regularly, that preventable deaths continue to occur across the country, even though staff and organisations are trying hard to prevent this.

The complexity of any foodservice operation is compounded with the requirement to provide defined food textures that differ from regular menu items. These defined textures are designed to prevent choking and/or further serious health consequences that reduce quality of life. This can lead to confusion, in the kitchen and organisation, at how best to achieve a consistent operation.

Implementing the ORAL Dysphagia Foodservice Production System

The ORAL system provides a simple framework from which ALL menu items, in any setting, can be approached to ensure they meet the requirements set out by the clinical team.

Our course provides the training and resources required to apply ORAL to all current and future menu items and set up a kitchen production file to manage the resources needed for continued assurance.

Course Requirements

This course uses underpinning knowledge of the ORAL approach to ensure learners achieve the best result. As a result candidates will only be accepted onto a course if they have completed either:

Course Content

This full day course covers all aspects of the ORAL system through in-depth culinary skills development:

  • ORAL Recap
  • Implementing the ORAL System: Example Dishes
  • Components:
    • Meat/Fish Protein
    • Starchy Foods
    • Snacks

Candidates are provided with a course manual and workbook to support implementation.

Price: £350

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