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Site EDS Training Bundle Catalogue

Robust and Validated Training for Dysphagia Management

View our Site EDS Training Bundle catalogue to see how the package gives you the control your organisation needs to train your team to the competency demanded by clinical and regulatory guidance.

Validated – Accessible – Cost-effective

The site bundle is designed to give confidence and assurance to organisations, regulators, clinicians, and families, that the most robust training is in place, and available to all staff, for dysphagia management and foodservice delivery across a site.

Catalogue Navigation

You can view our Site EDS Training Bundle below, it is split into 3 parts, to help with easy navigation:

Part 1: Managing Dysphagia Safely

Key messages regarding dysphagia management and food safety requirements

Part 2: EDS and IDDSI Training Resources

Validation and data from some of the pilot implementations our training has been through, including commissioning and learner feedback.

Part 3: Course Contents

A detailed outline of the contents of all the EDS and catering for IDDSI courses

The Site EDS Training Bundle Catalogue

The catalogue can be found in 2 formats: Firstly, it can be viewed in a presentation format, that can be used by you to demonstrate the site package internally. All video slides will work provided a good internet connection is available. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the brochure is this is preferable.

Click the image below:

For a downloadable pdf version CLICK HERE