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Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course FAQs

If you have any questions at all or want to know how we can support your business with our industry leading online courses contact Martin at martin.jenkins@oakhousekitchen.com or take a look at some Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course FAQs if you just need a bit of troubleshooting.

Who is the Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course for?

The course is designed for anyone involved in texture modification for dysphagia diets. All of the cookery demonstrations use basic household equipment to ensure there is no barrier to creating delicious meals suitable for the IDDSI Framework.

Why should we use the Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course?

The Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course has a proven track record in making texture modification for dysphagia diets easy to understand and apply to any ingredient or dish. Learners that have undertaken the course offer more choice, better quality, and reduce the time taken in the kitchen.

The course is widely used and promoted across the UK and globally in care homes, hospitals, prisons, schools and in domestic settings.

How long will the course take me to complete?

The course takes learners between 3 and 5 hours to complete and features just under 2 hours of videos and clips, interactive features, and quick quizzes.

Can I evidence knowledge competency?

There is a course assessment that is unlocked when all the modules are complete. The assessment is passed with a score of 80% or higher and a certificate can be printed out for training records.

Does this course support practical training?

All the workshops and cookery demonstrations have instructions on how to ‘follow along’, with downloadable recipes and workshop details. Our live practical courses are now supported by this online training so we know trainees already have the important underpinning knowledge and we can focus on reform skills in the kitchen.

What are the benefits of the online course?

There are many benefits to the online course. For learners, the video demonstrations and clips can be replayed to help understanding or refresh knowledge and the focused eLearning content ensures the important aspects of the course are understood in more detail.

For employers the online course ensures chefs can have the required knowledge before they set foot in a kitchen; all chefs have the same knowledge base; and if necessary, training can be carried out on shift, reducing costs.

Is the course accessible?

The course is adaptive and is easy to navigate on computer, laptop, tablet and phones.

All the modules have the required accessibility features including automatic screen reader linking, subtitles for videos, colour contrast and easy navigation.

How long can I access the course content once I have completed the assessment?

The course is available for a full 12 months from the date purchased. This allows the course content to remain a useful resource in this period.

How do I purchase the course for myself?

Just create an account HERE and add a single licence to the shopping basket. Use the PayPal link to use a card – there is no need to have a PayPal account, just follow the instructions.

How do I purchase the course for my team?

For multiple course licences, just set up a managers account and add the number of courses you require into the shopping basket. Use the PayPal link as above, and you will be sent the course licences via email. These can then be allocated directly to each team member in the link provided.

Click HERE to go directly to our Quick Buy page where the Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI Course can be purchased.

Do my team members need their own accounts?

Yes, in order to redeem the course licences the learners will need their own account, which is easy to set up.

If we already have an online training solution can this course be added to our portfolio?

Yes, we work with large organisations that want to access our quality courses, without the complications of using multiple 3rd party providers. You have found a solution that fits your business, now talk to us about licencing our courses for your teams to use.