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Whole site dysphagia training room

EDS Training Hub – Whole Team Dysphagia Training

Welcome to the EDS Training Hub

The EDS Training Hub provides a central space for whole team dysphagia training and to find out about the EDS courses we provide in the Site EDS Training Bundle. From here you can access the Learning Suite and get learning.

At the EDS Training Hub, you will find:

  • Detailed information about who the courses are for
  • A breakdown of the learning that can be found on each of the courses
  • How to access the courses from the EDS Learning Hub
  • Information about some of the other great features found on our website that will help you to support and manage the care of people with dysphagia


Let’s start with how you access your training…

  • Access the Learning Suite by clicking the green button: Get Learning Click here to login or create an account >>
  • Click LOGIN
  • Use the login details you have been given and enter your username and password into the text boxes and confirm
  • If you have no login details, contact your manager to learn more. If you want to purchase courses directly from the Learning Suite and read our Booking Courses FAQs
  • Computer or Laptop: Once logged into your Site EDS Training Bundle account you can find the courses in the ‘My Learning’ section at the top of the page
  • Tablet or Smartphone: The ‘My Learning’ section can be found by clicking the menu icon and clicking ‘Navigation’ first

From the ‘My Learning’ page you can link to all the courses by clicking the course title link. Ensure you have a good internet connection, and your browser is up to date. For best results use Google Chrome.


The Courses

EDS Level 1

EDS – Level 1 is designed for people supporting in a capacity where the development of dysphagia is likely and provides an understanding of the condition, signs of the development of dysphagia and the dysphagia management structure and scope of roles within the management team.

whole team dysphagia training EDS Level 1

EDS Level 2

EDS – Level 2 is designed for people implementing a care plan for the care of individuals with dysphagia. The course builds on the learning in Level 1 and covers oral hygiene, IDDSI, promoting safe eating and drinking, and the importance of good communication and documentation.

Whole team dysphagia training EDS Level 2

EDS Level 3

EDS – Level 3 is designed for people supporting in a capacity where there is need for a good understanding and identification of the signs and symptoms of dysphagia, any changes in an individual’s presentation, and how these can be managed. A key point is identifying when to request additional help/support in the form of a referral to a more specialist dysphagia practitioner such as a GP, Speech and language therapist, dietitian paediatrician, specialist nurse or contact the emergency on-call specialists or emergency services; additionally knowing what steps might need to be implemented whilst awaiting this support.

Whole team dysphagia training EDS Level 3

Online Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI

Based on the Oak House Kitchen ORAL approach to texture modification for dysphagia diets this online course is proven to improve the choice, quality, and efficiency of producing food and drinks for dysphagia diets.

The content is easy to understand and can be applied in any setting and within cultural, religious, and individual dietary requirements.

Whole team dysphagia training catering for IDDSI


Staff Training Needs

The following table gives an outline of the training needs of your team. It is important to note that this is an example, all organisations differ in the way job roles support residents with dysphagia. The Site EDS Training Bundle allows you to give learners more robust training without further costs, so you have the control to ensure support is only given with the correct training in place.

Whole team dysphagia training needs matrix

For full details of the EDS framework: Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework

Use Our Website to Support Ongoing EDS Management

Our site has lots of information supporting the knowledge of those involved with the safe management of people with dysphagia.

Find recipes, tips and blogs on dysphagia foodservice delivery in our recipe section and keep up-to-date with what’s going on at Oak House Kitchen by joining our Newsletter subscription – a free service for you!

Are you looking for whole team dysphagia training?

If you are looking for a validated training package that that can be onboarded easily and cost effectively, you need our Site EDS Training Bundle.

All the courses detailed above will be available for ALL of your team, so that you can manage your organisations training needs without incurring additional costs or having to wait for courses or presentations to be scheduled. Improve your service and reduce risk: CLICK HERE for further details.

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